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Enhancing the value of your property means giving it more worth than it currently has. That entails a bit of investment in the hope that the money you put into the home improvement projects is going to come back with a good interest should you decide to sell it.

The standard way of deciding on home improvement projects intended to increase your home’s market value is hidden in this question: Which home details do buyers look for when deciding to purchase a property?

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The top 5 deciding features for home buyers

If you have a little experience in real estate or have watched media programs on home buying, you know that any home buyer will especially be keen on these five features.


Spacious rooms

Good lighting

Captivating external views

Unique design touches

So, when deciding on home improvement projects, settle on those that are least damaging to your wallet and bank account but, at the same, enticing to your potential buyer.

The top 5 home improvement projects you should consider

Here’s how you can use the above five features to decide on home improvement projects.

Clean and paint

As a buyer looking for a home, there is nothing as discoursing as entering a house and noticing the stain marks on the wall or ceiling of the living room or the accumulated dust on the sill of a ‘never-opened’ attic window.

Hiring cleaning services for a thorough scrub of your home is an essential home improvement project. This will take care of any corners that might be overlooked by regular home cleaning and will leave your home sparkling.

Also, giving your home a fresh coat of paint will give it a new and attractive look. It is always advisable to use neutral colors because they have a more universal appeal. A DIY project will save you money. All you need to do is to purchase the required gallons of paint, the rollers and brushes, and the painter’s tape. You can improvise with the drop cloths and save on the cost of a professional painter.

Create space

Creating space has nothing to do with constructing. It simply means rearranging furniture in a way that creates the impression there is more room than there really is.

The one place you should start is the kitchen. Kitchen remodel that pushes counters, the cooker, shelves, the sink and all other appliances to the walls leaves the impression of a spacious kitchen. A medium-size island in the middle of the kitchen will leave any buyer well impressed. Remember folks, you can never go wrong with investing in a kitchen remodel.

Creating space in a bedroom might simply mean rearranging the furniture or getting rid of any extra stuff that only takes up space. A smart way of ‘doubling’ the space of a bedroom is installing a full-size mirror.

Capitalize on natural lighting

A well-lighted room makes a good first impression. This can simply be done by replacing standard doors and windows with French or sliding ones. Not only will these bring in the natural light but it will also create a good view of the outside, which should be a captivating landscape.

If you have no way of going natural with lighting, your electrician can help by installing recessed lights.

Hire a landscape designer

A neat and green lawn free of weeds and unwanted groundcover, with an assortment of flowering and non-flowering plants spread out across your front and backyard and along driveways, creates the epitome of the first impression that the prospective buyer makes of your home.

Hiring the services of a landscaper to spruce up the exterior value of the home is the one project that will no doubt add worth to your property.

Upgrade with unique design-touches

One way you can upgrade with unique design-touches and save bucks at the same time is by replacing standard windows with double pane windows and doors. These are energy-efficient and will help you cut on heating and cooling costs.

The bathrooms are another key design-upgrade area. Get rid of the 19th century WC designs and replace them with a trendy design. It will also make a good impression if you replace old wallpaper with smooth textured tiles that give a faux marine finish.

The bottom line

The old saying “you only get one shot at a first impression” counts true when it comes to improving the value of your property.

When deciding on home improvement projects, invest in what you know will come back to your pocket with the buying price. And while you save on the bucks, never forget that the buyer will be looking to satisfy their expectations on the five features listed above.