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How to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Snow

Every year we expect the obvious changes in season and winter is no different from the other seasons. However, we ought to consider the hazards that winter comes with. Snowfall is not news for anyone in this region.

This is why it is important to consider the following tips on how to prepare your home for heavy snow considering that it can be pretty hazardous on your property.

For instance, in the last winter season the western regions of New York reported a loss of up to $50million in the damages reported.

Considering this example this article is expected to equip you with the necessary tips to do away with snow in the easiest way possible keeping it in mind that doing away with this white stuff could be dangerous and can lead to injury or even death.

Identifying the Potential Hazards

Before we go any further, we need to identify the potential hazards hidden in the snow, especially when we are to remove the snow from the rooftop.

Research from the occupational safety and health Administration reveals that many injuries and deaths during snow removal occur due to falls.

The falls may result from covered skylights, roof drains or even vents not forgetting that others fall from the ladders and aerial lifts. This is why it is important to identify the potential hazards before you go up the roof to clear the snow.

Know how to work snow off the roof without ever stepping foot on your roof

The first option here is to install the deicing systems on the rooftops to avoid the build-up of snow on the rooftops. Alternatively, you can use the deicing materials and the extended snow rakes or the drag lines that can remove snow from the rooftop.

You can use this efficiently from the ground as they have long blades and such extensions that can work off the snow from the roof without damaging the shingles.

Avoid upsetting the load balance on your roof

It is important to evaluate how the snow is distributed before we get to think of how to remove it.

The best way to avoid injury due to the load of the snow is to make it less on the roof by removing it bit by bit to avoid big piles on the roof that may roll from the roof injuring you.

Get to prepare yourself well before you can remove snow safely

Considering that we are to work on snow it is important to keep warm to make sure that we do not catch hypothermia in the process.

You should also wear appropriate fall protective equipment. It is important to know that too much manual labor can lead to back injuries, heart attacks, or exhaustion that could be a cause of falls during the removal of snow.

You need to know that during the process you will be needing lots of fluid to take and lift reasonable amounts from the roof to avoid exhaustion.

Fall equipment required for the job

You basically need a fall arrest system. This gear includes harnesses, connectors and anchors that aim to keep you safe in the event of a fall. The anchor point should be equipped to handle up to 5000 pounds per person.

How to work with the snow removal equipment

Here we will basically talk about how to work with a snow blower on the roof. To use the snow blower without injury, it is important to raise them to the level of the rooftop and make sure they are not overloaded by working with them at a moderate speed.


Snow is very dangerous if not handled properly. The major problem paused, however, is how to handle the snow without getting injured or causing damage. This guide is helpful in helping you with how to prepare your home for heavy snow and even handle the snow when the time comes.