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Different Types of Snow Blowers and Their Uses

Different Types of Snow Blowers and Their Uses

Since their invention in the late 19th century and later advancement over the 20th century, snow blowers have been an important helper to the snow areas such as Canada. Snow being a never-ending occurrence, we still buy snow blowers to clear up the driveway, porch, walkway and so on.

According to the size of the area and snow you need to clear, you are going to need different types of snow blowers. To help you choose wisely, here are the different types of snow blowers and their uses.

Cordless Snow Blowers

These are battery-powered snow blowers that can move and work anywhere along your driveway or any other pavement.

If you are the kind who dislike the confinement of a cord or have a long driveway, this shall work great for you. They are smaller in size and easy to manage given the high mobility.

The only disadvantage is that you shall have to recharge after about an hour of use. Therefore, if you have much snow to clear, the in-between-job breaks might drain your energy.

You might consider going for a spare battery or why not go for that corded electric snow blower?

These are only suitable for soft surfaced walkways, driveways, or any other part you plan to clear snow. They cannot work for any rough unpaved ways.

Electric Snow Blowers

If you are planning on clearing out snow from relatively small and paved areas, then this is the type to go for. This kind of snowblower is powered by electricity. City and townhomes specifically shall find this type helpful.

However, do not expect to get much from this if you plan on throwing ice out of your rough countryside path since you shall surely get stuck.

Due to their small size, they are easier to handle. Another advantage is its low price.

Therefore, if you are planning on dealing with light snow on smooth areas, you do not have to spend that extra buck on a heavy-duty model, this one shall perform quite well.

Gas-powered Snow Blowers

In case you receive too heavy snow deposits, then the gas-powered snow blowers are your bet. Gas-powered types are powerful and able to throw away large and high snow deposits from large areas.

For those with rough walkways especially the countryside, this is what you should be having waiting in your garage.

When working with gas-powered snow throwers, you need to take care of the nearby structures and property.

This is because the fetched snow and some other unavoidable foreign substances are thrown at high speed and can injure someone or property such as house and vehicle windows.

What Are the Different Styles of the Gas-powered Types of Snow Blowers?

  1. Single-stage gas snow blowers are the lightest and throw a smaller width of snow 22″ and are suitable for small to medium size driveways.


  1. Two-stage snow blowers are medium-sized and throw up to 30″ at a time. They are suitable for steep inclined, heavy and wet snow on driveways with gravel.


  1. Three-stage snow blowers are suitable for large snow deposits and work very fast compared to all the other styles. They are suitable for professional use where large snow deposits need to be cleared.